Four Year Old Program

Our four year old kindergarten program follows an emergent curriculum founded on learning through play. We engage children based on their interests and developmental needs, encouraging them to develop a love for life-long learning. Across our practice and programming we follow the National (EYLF) , State (VEYLDF) Learning Frameworks and National Quality Framework (NQF).


We facilitate open-ended learning activities and experiences that children are free to explore at their own personal level, where they can think and express themselves creatively. Our objective is to focus on the ‘process’ the children go through to achieve a task, rather than the ‘end product’. We provide extended blocks of time for children to play and follow their ideas on a greater level.


Our role is to guide, scaffold and support children’s learning and interests through open-ended questions, problem solving and inquiry. We continually evaluate children’s play to determine what it is the children are learning and then help shape and extend this. The choices and experiences we provide are developed from our observations of the children and their abilities, their interests and understandings.


At kindergarten, children will be encouraged to develop confidence, independence, self-awareness and a feeling of self-worth. They will become more aware of the world around them and have many opportunities to develop warm, caring relationships with other adults, as well as, friendships with other children. The best outcomes for children are achieved when kindergarten staff work in close partnership with parents.


Activities 043

In the four year old program the children engage in experiences Developing their  independence and educators support children to make choices and extend their learning. 


Following an emergent curriculum the program is shaped by the children's interests however we also have continues activities for the children to explore and build development and learning. These are often aimed at being open-ended and include box art construction which includes cutting, play dough, cooking, puzzles, blocks and construction activities, stories including a magnetic story board for retelling stories, sand and water play, climbing frame, dramatic play areas, painting, science experiments such as science experiments and making volcanoes. 


We are lucky enough to be able to offer a varied program of excursions as well as incursions, which we believe to be an important part of the program and learning.