Three Year Old Program

The three year old kindergarten program can be a child’s first time in a larger group environment.  For this reason one of the main focuses of a three year old kindergarten program is the development and nurturing of children’s social skills. The program is very ‘hands on’. The choices and experiences we provide are developed from our observations of the children in relation to their needs, abilities, their interests and understandings, from events occurring in the world around us, and most importantly information from families.


Our play based program allows children to practice and extend what they already know by sharing, talking, taking turns, exercising self -control and cooperating in groups. Children discover which social approaches work and which don’t, therefore learning how to maintain relationships. Play also helps children develop a positive self image. When children feel confident they are happy to experiment with new materials and situations and learn that it is okay when things don’t go to plan. Across our practice and programming we follow both the National (EYLF) and State (VEYLDF) Learning Frameworks  and the National Quality Framework (NQF).


Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework


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The children enjoy activities such as music, play dough, finger painting, water and sand, as well as unstructured experiences such as painting, collage, drawing, puzzles, building with blocks, manipulative games, dramatic play and gross motor experiences in our wonderful outdoor play area.


We are also fortunate to be able to offer incursions in the three year old program. Children have the opportunity to learn thoroughly through unique experiences including rabbit rearing, Wild Action Wildlife, Puppet Shows and egg hatching.