We encourage all parents to get involved with the Committee! Livingston Kindergarten is run by a group of volunteer parents, who make up our Committee of Management. In consultation with the teaching staff, this Committee is responsible for the decision making process and overall running of the kindergarten.


The involvement of parents in the committee is crucial to the day-to-day running of the kinder so we hope you can help our where you can. 


The Committee comprises of a: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Social Co-ordinator, Grants Officer, Communications Officer, Fundraising Officer and Maintenance Officer.  There are also a number of subcommittee roles which include Newsletter Officer,  parent reps for each group and fundraising sub-committee.


A meeting calendar is set at the commencement of each year and meetings are held monthly. Minutes are prepared after each meeting and a newsletter is prepared twice a term to keep the Livingston Kindergarten community aware of how the program is going, any events that are coming up and other information that is of interest to parents.