Getting Involved

We look forward to getting to know all our parents and encourage everyone to get involved wherever possible.Here is some information on connecting with us.


We believe that parent involvement in kindergarten is important to a child’s development and education. Helping children make the transition to kindergarten and later to primary school through parent involvement can assist in a child’s future success.


parentsWhether you work, or are at home, there are plenty of opportunities for parents to get involved during the day, evenings or on the weekends. Whatever suits your lifestyle!


Parents can help out in many ways.



Parent Duty

There’s no better way to get involved than being part of your child’s group! All parents and guardians are encouraged to help out at the kindergarten each term by nominating themselves for duty.  This gives parents an opportunity to watch their child at play and participate in the program. The children always take great pride in having a family member there! Parents play an invaluable part during the session helping the children with their activities and keeping the kinder room clean and tidy. To sign up, we ask that parents put their name on the roster inside the kinder room. Please note, parents and guardians are welcome to bring siblings along to the kinder whilst on duty however they are their responsibility.


Working Bee

There are at least two working bees per year. It is a great opportunity to keep the kindergarten facilities and equipment clean and functional. Each family is encouraged to participate in the working bees. If a family member attends a working bee (min 2 hours), the $80 maintenance fee is refunded at the end of the year.


Donations - materials for box art and craft

At the kinder, we love to reuse treasure or what you might call junk!  We will happily receive things like buttons, ribbon, fabric/ lace, envelopes, old birthday cards or postcards, stamps, small and medium boxes  (Due to allergies and hygiene - no egg cartons, no water bottles or toilet rolls), scrap paper, washed plastic bottle tops and lids, corks, small pieces of soft wood.


Additionally we can use old keyboards, laptops, small radios or machines such as printers for the children to take apart which is a great and popular activity for fine motor skills and strength.